The Lady in the Room FE

My Dear Husband,

I will forever love you and nobody will ever replace you in my heart and in our lives. Last month we were supposed to meet at our favorite restaurant to celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary. A drunken cab driver took you away from me, he came out of nowhere and hit you. You were thrown 15 feet away; a shard of glass pierced your lungs. You were pronounced dead by the doctor 30 minutes after we arrived in the hospital.

Do not worry about me and our son anymore, we will survive and I promise you that he will grow up knowing how good a father you were to him. I know that wherever you are going you will always look after us. Don’t ask me to marry again, because I won’t, I am contented to be your wife forever. 

When my time comes, I will meet you on the other side, promise me that you will be there waiting for me.

Forever with all my love,
Your loving Wife

The chilling cold of the room has long been gone; a ring is lying cold on the table. He is finally at peace. “I love you my husband, until we meet again.”

*This is my original composition, words and all
© Copyright 2014

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