The Lady in the room ep2

As I enter her room, the coldness filled my senses, summoning my courage I said “Hi” and placed the cup of coffee on a coaster beside her keyboard. “I thought you will never get the nerve to talk to me”. Those were her words, I can smell her scent and the sound of her voice has a chilling effect on me.

“Forgive me; I guess I am just too shy the past few days seeing you here from my desk”. She didn't answer and is still focused on what she seemed to be writing.

“Do you need to finish that before you leave tonight and do you have any plans later?” I asked, “I need to finish this, yes. I should have given you this almost a month ago, but I always miss my chance to.”

I gave her the puzzled look (although she’s looking down at the paper), why does she need to give me whatever she’s writing, and what could it be? “What is that; a request for your department?” She said “No” without looking at me instead she keeps on with her writing.

I stood there silently, she is silent as well and the awkwardness of the situation makes me want to take my leave. “I am almost done, please wait a little longer”. She must have felt my intention to go. A few more awkward moment of silence had passed and she finally stopped writing; she put down her pen, she straightened up her position and still, without looking at me, she handed out the note she wrote and said, “After reading this and once you’re decided, please leave your ring with me”.


*This is my original composition, words and all
© Copyright 2014

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