The Lady in the room ep1

It is passed 9:00 PM, I wish to go home and call it a day but I need to finish and make sure that the details in my report are free of any error for tomorrow’s meeting. All the lights in the office are off now except for those that are near my desk. Oh! There’s one room that is still lit as well. This is not the first time that I stayed late, I’ve been staying late for a month now, and in all those occasions I always see the lights in that room lit.

I know her name but we never talk very much in the office, maybe because we are handling different departments. She’s in her mid-30’s, red hair, she changed the color of her hair from last week, and I am not certain if she’s attending gym classes because her figure, man! She can give the younger employees a run for their money. Not just her figure, her skin is so radiant and clean, no freckles or whatsoever. She doesn't put too much make-up as well; just enough that complements her natural beauty. Her finger nails are kept clean and polished all the time, she changes their shades once every other day. I never saw her wear leggings even once, if she’s wearing skirts, which is almost thrice a week. For someone with silky white skin, who would need leggings?

She doesn't wear big earrings and she’s wearing a fine piece of gold bracelet but no ring. Whenever she’s inside the room, she never takes her eyes away from the monitor, unless she has to write some notes.

I need to get a coffee, hmmm; I guess I am going to get one for her too. I often see her get a cup of brewed coffee and put one cube of sugar. I guess I know how she wants her coffee prepared. And so I did prepare two cups of coffee and headed straight to her room. It seems that tonight I will be able to talk to her, finally.


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*This is my original composition, words and all.

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