A Tale of Pizza and Beers ep2

Five floors left before we hit the ground, you spoke. “Where are you headed tonight?” The question caught me off guard; I need to come up with an answer and fast. “Just going to the pub across the street, grab a beer or 2 before I head home.” That’s what I said, I sounded nervous, I can feel it but the truth is I am just heading home; I have no plans of grabbing any drink that night.

“You’re not going there, my car is parked in the basement, here’s my key, and you’re driving.” You handed me your key and I was petrified, “I am what now? (This is just in my mind)” I know I don’t want to say “no”, and that’s given.

As we enter your car, the perfume that you wear everyday filled the air, it snares my senses, you might have noticed that whenever you pass by my area, I inhale and enjoy the succulence of your scent. It is so addictive and I can tell that you intentionally stop and savour the moment, laughing in your mind maybe, of me looking dreamy. You’re playing with me without even glancing, you’re teasing me…


*this is an original short story of mine
© Copyright 2014

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