A Tale of Pizza and Beers Ep1

“You’re confusing me, I can die of a broken heart if that’s a disease, I don’t know. Let me drive, I know a nice place where we can go tonight, you can relax now, I will take care of everything. I’ve got pizza and beers that should do it. I’ve got a blanket; you can have it later if it gets colder…”

“Look! A shooting star, it’s nice to stay out and just watch the heaven at night, the breeze is so cool, and not so many cars are passing by, and look at the city below. It is so gorgeous with all the lights. They’re like bunch of fireflies swarming into something…”


I never thought that you will ever go out with me, not in a gazillion years. Every day, you don’t seem to notice my existence. I always see you smiling and laughing with you friends but never, for as long as I can remember, you did throw a glimpse towards my direction.

Then today, things were so different, your usual bright aura is gone, your eyes were so pale and red. I can tell that you've been crying, for how long? I don’t know, but long. I didn't mean to look and pry but there’s just the 2 of us now inside the lift, sorry. You tried to reach for your tissue (I guess) in your handbag to dry your cheeks as your mascara starts to smudge, but of all the times, why does it seems that you don’t have them now. I immediately offered my hanky; you took it without even looking at me or saying anything. It doesn't matter, I feel an excitement bubbling inside me and is about to burst...


*this is an original short story of mine
© Copyright 2014

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