A Tale of Pizza and Beers FE

You are still crying, you’re sobbing occasionally and I can feel the pain you’re going through. You’re lying on my chest; I never thought that we can ever be this closed. Our bodies are weld, you’re facing towards me and your soft breathing lulls me unconsciously, right at that very moment; I feel the strong urge to wrap my arms around you. Your perfume, oh I can still smell it even we had so much beer, I didn’t notice but I am stroking your hair now, you moved and embraced me but I can tell that you’re starting to fall asleep. You are so beautiful, so peaceful now, and so fragile and I guess so naive sometimes. He has no right to treat you this way.

I will wait for you to wake up then I will tell you the feelings that I have been suppressing all this time. I will never let you go now; I won’t let you go through this pain again.

Alas! The stars are shining so bright tonight.


*this is an original short story of mine
© Copyright 2014

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