A Tale of Pizza and Beers ep4

I am enjoying this moment; we are lying on top of your car, juxtaposed, staring at the dark starry sky. You never asked me anything about myself, but I don’t mind. You have finished your third beer; you didn't touch the pizza at all.

“Why do you always stare at me?” Again, you caught me off guard, now I really cannot come up with anything to fire back. “I often see you or notice that you are staring at me.” You continued but I don’t know if you expect me to answer your inquisition, you are right I am always staring at you.

“How long have you been with your girlfriend?” Finally; you asked something about me, wait how did you know that I have a girlfriend? Oh from our colleagues for sure, those gossip mongers, not that I am keeping my relationship a secret, I just thought who am I for you to give a damn with?

“3 years; this coming Wednesday”, that was my terse reply. Then there was silence again, you threw the empty can of your 4th beer, I want to tell you that is enough but I am not certain if that is a good idea. I can hear you sobbing again, you’re holding my hanky, I want to console you but I really don’t know what I should say or do.

I opened another beer, you suddenly move and you lay down your head on my chest, I almost spilled my beer.


*this is an original short story of mine
© Copyright 2014

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