A Tale of Pizza and Beers ep3

“Did you buy beers?” We stopped and I bought pizza and yes I did buy some beers as you shouted while I was on my way to the store earlier. 

“I saw them; I wished to surprise him because it’s his birthday today, so I went to his place unannounced. As I was checking with the lobby attendant to make sure that he’s in his flat, they came out of the lift, laughing, cuddling and kissing, I didn't wait for him to see me. What I saw is more than I could bear, I ran out quickly as I can." This is what you told me why you were crying without me even asking and that you’re so confused you didn't know what to do. You went back to the office but decided to leave after a few minutes and that’s how we ended up together in the lift.

Then there was silence again, broken by your sporadic sobbing. I want to console you, I want to say, “Everything will be just fine, you both have to just sit down and talk about it.” But something inside me is telling me that I don’t want to say those words, I don’t want you to fix it with him.

Alas! I feel so selfish, but what do I know, nothing. Your perfume distracted me from my deep thought, oh that scent. I wonder how it will be if I my nostrils will catch this scent right from your skin…


*this is an original short story of mine
© Copyright 2014

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