Sunday, 20 December 2015

Tap Tap Tap

I cannot recall when was the last time,
that I was able to conceive a thought,
it comes to me and vanishes in a wink,
an idea to shape a day or even just a moment.

A balloon that floats up the sky,
slowly it shrinks and then it's gone.
Before I get the chance to write my thought,
it's gone and my head is blank again.

Once a tune keeps playing in my mind,
I strum but it is a different sound.
What a lovely melody, it made me smile,
but what was it, I totally lost it.

I started to ponder on the events of the day,
why am I in the middle of nowhere.
in my hand, a pebble I hold,
I am an island in an uncaring stream.

∗This is my original composition © Twits Copyright 2015