Friday, 23 January 2015

I Love You

I love you.

You are so consoling; your soft body that always bears my own. With you, all the lassitude and enervation of the day simply fade away living me so slacken and anodyne. Your cuddle, your whisper, they unruffled my spirit, they flush the anxiety from my very troubled mind. Whenever you gentleness soup├žon my skin, you send a shivering comfort down my spine that I don’t want to get up anymore. You’re a limerick that sends me into reckless slumber and I don’t care, you’re here to shield me. You watch over me, you listen to my soft breathing; you keep me from solitude… Thank you.

I love you… bed


∗This is my original composition
© Twits Copyright 2015

Saturday, 10 January 2015

World On a Parchment

Every poem I write carries a piece of my heart
Every word every line tells my life with art
Every stroke that my hand does with my pen
Every message tells me apart from other men

I create a world to fit my own existence
Where I can cry like a crow of the wilderness
I can be the horseman that owns the deserts
Or a pirate king the owns all the treasure chests

In a universe where all the dragons exists
I own the love that Aphrodite cannot resists
For the gods will offer ambrosia in many crates
I will the take the power they gave to the Fates

The seas and waves I will forever command
The howling winds will bow to kiss my hand
I create a world where everyone can live in peace
For I will crush the hearts of every tyrant leech


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Monday, 5 January 2015


You promised Heaven
All I got is a patch of hell
A bitter pill to swallow
I swallowed it anyway
Is there a medicine for souls?
Or can a slit loosen it?

Sleep through the years
A never ending night
Memories of distant past
It leaves a sour taste

You promised, yes you did
What a fool to believe
Just as what it is
A promise, nothing else
Lullaby of thorny words


∗This is my original composition
© Twits Copyright 2014

Devil's on the details

This is a forsaken land, I cannot be here, I don’t want to be here. The air stinks with blood, sweat, gun powder… and death.

This is not the world that I wished for, everything is in chaos, the apathy is appalling, not a living soul has any sense of decency, too much hatred and violence everywhere…

Man are killing each other when we should be caring for one another. Indeed we are all drinking on the same devil’s cup and we are enjoying it. There is no hope that is in sight. Every spirit is damned and there’s no telling if anyone will be spared.

Hell has surfaced on earth, it found its way through man’s heart.


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014