Sunday, 14 December 2014

What can I say about success

I know there are lots of posts discussing and giving us pointers on how we can succeed in life and in our career specifically. I feel like I want to share my take on this, I am not saying that I am successful because I am way far from that like most of you out there who are still chasing their dreams.

Here is mine; to succeed in life, don’t be scared to fail, in fact don’t be scared to fail repeatedly. In every failure, we have to make sure that we learn from it and that we keep in our hearts the reason of our failure. Once you have done that try it again or try something else, only this time if you fail make sure that the reason of the failure is not the one that we had before.

Failure to succeed is failure to learn the reason why we failed and committing the same mistake due to the same reason again and again.

Warning: Just don’t make failure a habit.

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