Saturday, 13 December 2014

Journey of Love

A poem I wished to write
In the absence of a holy rite
Swirling images clouded by shame
Bring forth and earn some fame
For I am here, I am your servant
Pluck your wisdom oh grand savant

I’ll keep them safe I’ll hold them dear
No amount of your lore I cannot bear
Say the word that you kept for so long
Let them be heard as you turn them into song
Recite the words that your lover so yearn
Beauty you burn for by rights you earn

In my bosom forever you will stay
Journey my reclusive soul, so do say
Hold on to me as we brave the sands
Soon my sweetest, behold the undying lands
Let’s bear each other until the end of our days
For so true love is all we pray


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

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