Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Little Voices Come Roar With Me!!

I am a tiny speck in my universe, but I want to be an instrument of change. I never lose hope in humanity.

Humans are full of destructive thoughts and ideas; we are capable of destroying and recklessly consuming the resources given to us. We are abusing everything given to us freely; we don’t care at all as long as we are satisfied. We are a selfish parasitic form of specie.

But then again we are also capable of compassion, of love and preservation of life. We might be doing well but slower than our destructive ways, but at least we are showing resilience to our own extinction. I might be a tiny speck in my universe and my action and thoughts are close to nothing compared to the magnitude of depletion our natural resources and our moral ascendancy to live, that we ourselves are the cause.

But if all of us, all the tiny specks like me will start acting together to make a bigger good impact, if all our little voices will be combined to produce a roar of peace and harmony, then our utopia can be a reality.

I am just a tiny speck with a small voice.

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