Monday, 3 November 2014

If I Am to Choose

I wasn't planning of posting anything tonight, I am just catching up on all your posts and commenting on others but I remember something that I kept on mentioning to one of our good friend here.

It is about the life in the 70's-80's. You see I was a teenager of the 90's, that is not a bad decade, in fact, with the Eraserheads raising the bars for Filipino Music, that decade really rocks! (or should I say 'rocked!'). I will never exchange that for anything but if given the chance, I would have preferred being a teenager of 70's or 80's. Those decades are sooo cool! The hairstyles; the fashion, man! I really do think that no one can beat them when it comes to dress and looks.

So if I was teenager of those decades, I will at current age in the 90's. Just imagine that, enjoying 3 GREAT DECADES, things are all done manually and nothing beats that!

Courting is done by singing songs, literally singing songs accompanied by guitars and your gang, giving flowers and Hallmark cards are the sweetest thing that can really sweep women off their feet, and dates? Dates are always by the seaside or in the green fields or by the river not in the malls. :)

Alas! I envy those who enjoyed the past 3 decades, they really have enjoyed their youth to the max! :)

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