Saturday, 8 November 2014

Am I Alone?

Call my name...
When you’re in trouble and don’t know where to go,
When you’re on your edge and ready to drop below,
I will come and lead you to the right path,
Don’t be ashamed I will be your enemies’ wrath.

Listen to my voice...
When there’s nothing but emptiness and fear,
When cries of the damned are all you can hear,
My gentle whisper in your ears, I do care,
Soon songs of the faithful shall fill the air.

Take my hand...
When you’re lost in the wilderness
When the rough earth is your only caress
Feel my touch and I will soothe your tired spirit
In my heaven clouds will be under your feet

My angels will praise your salvation,
The peace I bear shall be given to all creation,
For I am thee the holds the key to all that were, are and will be,

Hail! Hail! Use thy wings and fly to thy tree. 

*words and all are my original

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