Sunday, 26 October 2014

In the absence of thought, I write

We often hear ourselves saying that we cannot think of any idea to write about, or we are just not inspired to write at all, or we are tired to come up with anything for an article. These situations really happen, we get to be in any of those or in all of them at the same time. It sounds contrasting but yes, how about we try. In the absence of thought, let’s write. :)

Write about what? Write about that exact situation, the absence of thought. Search the most secluded and darkest regions in our minds. We can write with all the things that are only in the surface of our thought and we can easily express those in words once we put our emotion to them, but what about those uncharted territories within us? They might be us, they might be our thoughts but have we ever tried making even just a single step to discover what’s behind the veil? Is it because we are afraid of what monster we are keeping in there that we ourselves don’t want to be awaken?

Let us bring our torch deep within our consciousness, there is a vast desert of wisdom within us. Let us face it, let us venture to the deepest trenches in our minds. Bring those dark hideous thoughts out into the light! Who knows, they might not be as dark as how we have kept them.


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

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