Friday, 31 October 2014

Dead Man Dreams No More

I don’t know if someone already said this or perhaps it was phrased differently by someone else. I just came up with this term while reading some posts and I want to give my own take on this into my life.

I am constantly in pursuit of better, if not greater things in my life, just like anyone else, I do have dreams I want to achieve. I am not going to stop nor give up. I still believe that I am going to be able to have those that I have set to fulfill in this life. Is it my destiny if I get them or if a fail in my attempts? I don’t think so, no, my destiny is based on how I am charting this course of my life.

I am my own ships’ captain and I am my own crew.

If I stop pursuing my dreams and not be able to turn them into my reality, then I can say I failed, it’s not fate, it’s a personal mistake. I am not giving up now; every new day is a day close to the fulfillment of my dreams. It is not long now that I will wake up with all I desire happening right before my very eyes.

I won’t stop until I can taste my own victory; while I am breathing I have a chance. Dead man dreams no more.

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*words and all are my original

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tiny Lights Before the Fall

The fireflies started to come alive, they began to fly around the cypress tree. The tiny burst of lights coming out of their bellies give the impression of a falling star or a comet that cross the dark sky.

They are so lovely to look at, the mild amber that they carry as the fly made the leaves of the lonely tree dance in joy. Soon all the leaves will turn brown and will fall to the ground, but not tonight.

Tonight they will savor the wonderful moment illuminated by their tiny friends. The cypress cannot ask for more, though alone in the wilderness and about to shed her beautiful leaves, she was visited by these jovial fireflies and this gesture made her feel so special.

She is now ready for autumn...

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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Stop the Urge of Selfishness

Will you be glad if someone is hurting?
Be happy to see them in the dark hiding?
Are you a fool to point finger at me?
You’re a sad soul, when will you be happy?

Nobody could hold a candle to you
Your smile is wicked and that is true
Watch the pendulum it never stops
You will be left with all the slops

Will it matter to you if I am jolly?
Stop pretending, you’re too sloppy
Eyes will never roll as you pass by
For your aura is nothing but sly

This world is not yours alone
Don’t be silly you need to atone
Live in love and be satisfied

In our hearts you will not be denied

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*words and all are my original composition

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Make That Free Space Count

When you think that there's nothing in your mind to write about, no complete thought that's gonna make sense as an article, you decide not to write at all. I said no, don't stop writing, in fact, the moment you think that you have nothing concrete to write and share with, is the best time for you to write or scribble anything.


For me, the very moment that I feel my mind to be empty of any thought is the best way to fill that mental space with anything that I can think of on a whim. More space to write nonsense, more space to get crazy with words and before you know it, you have constructed a whimsical but complete and meaningful thought.

The next part is to share it with us. :)

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*words and all are my original composition

A Burning Desire for Words

The writer in me says grab your pen
Don’t you miss getting out of your den?
You’re good at it; just pour your heart out
Hear your thought and never pout

Run the wilderness of your savage mind
Scribble down thrillers you can find
Jump off the cliff and feel the air
Land on your feet and join the fair

You are unstoppable you are limitless
Rhyme your feelings in happiness
Wheels will turn and sails shall unfurl
Wake up, off from your bed and uncurl

Let everyone know your inner beauty
Express yourself, write in subtlety
For this is your world where you can be
Heal this world; words are the remedy

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* words and all are my original composition

Monday, 27 October 2014

Rubble Bubble

A bubble formed and floated upward
Reminds me of a life neither painful nor hard
For though it was a product of a whim
It seems to know direction from within

The journey will continue up to the heavens
It doesn't mind the threat of the ravens
For as if it knows it will reach the clouds
Where every bubble rests and abounds

I am left below staring at the bubble
Jealous of its plight for I am a rubble
No matter how I try I will never float
Stuck in the ground here in the earth’s throat

Such an opposite fate we will ever be
Must we accept this with joy and glee?

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*original composition of mine

Sunday, 26 October 2014

In the absence of thought, I write

We often hear ourselves saying that we cannot think of any idea to write about, or we are just not inspired to write at all, or we are tired to come up with anything for an article. These situations really happen, we get to be in any of those or in all of them at the same time. It sounds contrasting but yes, how about we try. In the absence of thought, let’s write. :)

Write about what? Write about that exact situation, the absence of thought. Search the most secluded and darkest regions in our minds. We can write with all the things that are only in the surface of our thought and we can easily express those in words once we put our emotion to them, but what about those uncharted territories within us? They might be us, they might be our thoughts but have we ever tried making even just a single step to discover what’s behind the veil? Is it because we are afraid of what monster we are keeping in there that we ourselves don’t want to be awaken?

Let us bring our torch deep within our consciousness, there is a vast desert of wisdom within us. Let us face it, let us venture to the deepest trenches in our minds. Bring those dark hideous thoughts out into the light! Who knows, they might not be as dark as how we have kept them.


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014