Sunday, 21 December 2014


Sit beside me, let’s chat
No, we don’t need to rant
All the pleasure we had before
Faded, no more
Consumed from the core

Tell me your story
I’m a good listener, you’ll see
Cats In The Cradle
Nice but not good for cuddle
Give in to the hustle

Don’t be concerned so much
Life is just as such
Friends will not let you down
I’ll take away your frown
Our lives have been sewn

Stop dreaming of owning the world
Watch the wonders as they unfold
Isn’t this satisfying?
We have stuff to our liking
Just stop complaining

Sit beside me, smile
Let’s cruise along the Nile
You don’t need treasure
Enjoy the leisure
Friend, I offer you cure


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Heart is Pounding

The sun is shining
The clouds are thinning
The birds are chirping
The water is dispensing

The river is flowing
The stones are rolling
The moss are decaying
The fishes are limping

The children are singing
Out of tune and unending
The fun is just beginning
Be ready for merrymaking

The elephant is flying
The lion is hiding
The mouse is the king
The monkeys are thumping

The volcano is rejoicing
The tornado stops twirling
The wind is blowing
The waves are smashing

This is a funny writing
I hope you’re enjoying
Nothing will be happening
Please continue lingering


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Monday, 15 December 2014


Cry me a river
Song that goes forever
Stop the chant
Heartbeat of a rant

Jump off the cliff
Tale of lovers in rift
Cast the lost magic
Send shivers in static

Twinkling eyes in space
Lost from your grace
No, cry me a sea
Drown in a cup of tea

Bury the hatchet
Play me my Macbeth
Dead keep toiling
Am I mocking?

Frivolity saves the day
Rock your sanity
Set the bird free
Pluck the sting in me


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Sunday, 14 December 2014

What can I say about success

I know there are lots of posts discussing and giving us pointers on how we can succeed in life and in our career specifically. I feel like I want to share my take on this, I am not saying that I am successful because I am way far from that like most of you out there who are still chasing their dreams.

Here is mine; to succeed in life, don’t be scared to fail, in fact don’t be scared to fail repeatedly. In every failure, we have to make sure that we learn from it and that we keep in our hearts the reason of our failure. Once you have done that try it again or try something else, only this time if you fail make sure that the reason of the failure is not the one that we had before.

Failure to succeed is failure to learn the reason why we failed and committing the same mistake due to the same reason again and again.

Warning: Just don’t make failure a habit.

#Random-Thoughts #Success

∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Journey of Love

A poem I wished to write
In the absence of a holy rite
Swirling images clouded by shame
Bring forth and earn some fame
For I am here, I am your servant
Pluck your wisdom oh grand savant

I’ll keep them safe I’ll hold them dear
No amount of your lore I cannot bear
Say the word that you kept for so long
Let them be heard as you turn them into song
Recite the words that your lover so yearn
Beauty you burn for by rights you earn

In my bosom forever you will stay
Journey my reclusive soul, so do say
Hold on to me as we brave the sands
Soon my sweetest, behold the undying lands
Let’s bear each other until the end of our days
For so true love is all we pray


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Friday, 12 December 2014

Life by the sea

I always dream of playing by the sea
There in a place of my own in a hut by the blue sea
As the waves strike the rocky shore
There I chase the turtles in my place by the sea
Crystal clear under the heat of the sun
Too dark and singing under the moonlight
I cherish them in my hut by the blue sea

The sand castles I built by the sea
There in a place of my own in a hut by the blue sea
Crabs crawl on the sandy shore
White shells I pick to keep
How happy are the days and I am blessed
For I live each day in my hut by the blue sea

Oh! Indeed I play all day by the blue sea
There in a place of my own in a hut by the blue sea
The palm trees dance with the salty air
A refreshing drink their fruits offer
Come and join me as lay on the white sand
Life is good and every moment is fun
In my own place by the great blue sea
For I live each day in my hut by the blue sea

#Poetry ∗This is my original composition © Copyright 2014

Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Everything falls apart
Slowly, make a new start
It is a commencement
None ends in announcement
It is not too late to repent
Yield or stop, stare above
Earn the right to love
Not free for you to have
The pain a knife can carve
Fading fate can be forgotten
Threads of life start to tighten
Die and it shall be loosen
Always craving for happy morn
Mindless thought was forlorn


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Monday, 8 December 2014


It started a day or two…
nobody knows, nobody cares…
no one knows who…
I kept getting a blank stare…
I kept…
i dare…

and in the midst of hiatus thoughts…
yours is clear with every hope …which i've sought…


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

In the Days of the Caveman

In the days of the caveman
No valid word is uttered
Fire is a mystery
And rain is a miracle
Every day is a survival
Creatures need to eat or be eaten

In the days of the caveman
Hands are the tools of life
Journey literally begins with a step
Sleeping is not a rest
But a triumph for surviving

In the days of the caveman
All day is just having fun
They hum and enjoy the wind on their faces
They chase creatures, big and small
They climb trees
Swim in rivers and stream
Things can be done recklessly

In the days of the caveman
A shout, a cry is a social call
Clothes are simple or none at all
Glistening pebbles are ornaments
You smell, you lick to fit

In the days of the caveman
That is what you call life


Saturday, 29 November 2014

Into My Labyrinthine Wonders

I have been troubled down to the bone
Nothing is fresh and I’m dry with dark tone
Carry me home, please take me as your own
Hold the lamp steady for the madness I’ve shown

Pity thy spirit so meek for it is now lost
Will it ever find a sign for a new host?
Do not move but stand still under my lamp post
Give me your blood for ne’er has high cost

Look me in the eyes and tell me if I fit in
For if I don’t then I shall walk deep within
A piece of your heart I desire my queen
On a silver platter drenched with gin

The grasses bathe on the morning dew
As I pretend that I am with you
Will there be hope or will I always rue?
Pity the wanderer, give thee a sign or two


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Under the Sea

Under the sea what can we see?
In the deep blue sea lies a mystery
A world for fishes, dolphins and turtles
Nothing to worry they are free from hurdles

Under the sea is a universe so free
No government, no boundaries, nothing to worry
Starfish, urchins, crabs and lobsters
They live in harmony, no human lurkers

Under the sea life’s full of sanity
On the seabed where seaweeds aplenty
The anemone grows dancing with the flow
As the clownfish sleeps inside her burrow


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Off We Go! Off We Go!

Around the bush off we go, off we go!
Saddled no a horse prancing to and fro
Laughter fills the enigma of the chill
A conundrum so vague yet I can feel

Around the bush off we go, off we go!
The limping fish jumped not too long ago
A hungry bear is blocking her way
But he needs to go for she has eggs to lay

Around the bush off we go, off we go!
The herd is feeding in green grass that grow
The pride is creeping with tenacious eyes
Run, stomp, chaos oh! Listen to the wild cries

Around the bush off we go, off we go!
A sinister slithers down the burrow
The lord of the manor jumped in excitement
Get out or it will feast in your tenement!


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Friday, 21 November 2014

Meet Me at the Glade

The sweetness of the morning dew
Colors the day with vibrant hue
Your soft lips touch my cheek
Someone desired, oh! I’m so meek

For I am humbled by your grace
Eternal love that you can chase
You dotted my day to be so loving
With outstretched hand so forgiving

The apple of my eye is you
With angel eyes you guide me through
A heavenly being you’ll always be
My precious love, please stay with me

Who can then deserve such beauty?
So loving voice I’m so touchy
Tempt me not for I am yours
My ship now sails to love shores


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Shades of Fun and Laughter

Things will never be the same
Even if this world becomes so lame
This is the rule of my deadly game
Happy or sad you cannot buy fame

How do you plan to save my light?
Stay awake and lull me tonight
Trust me things will be all right
So apiece your thoughts, don’t fight

It is cold outside stay on your bed
Look for a reason not to be dead
Rejoice and paint me all red
I can live, just give me some bread

Saying ‘Aye’ is not always enough
Never decide on things that are tough
Have you heard of a dragon named Puff?
Rest in me when things get rough

Close your eyes and rock the chair
Be gone and dye your hair
Don’t be caught in a fool’s lair
Come out and see me at the fair


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Sorrow of Having Nothing

Can you tell if I am easy in the eye?
I offer nothing else except my looks
Will this be enough to gain your smile?
Scam and shame I am no less than crooks

Oh I adore thee glance at me
So precious gem brighter than stars
The truth in my heart don’t you see
Stab me with your love, I’ll keep the scars

For if I will be hurt by your deceit
If I am cursed and shall perish alone
Cherish I will, the sun’s last heat
And in Persephone’s bosom I shall moan

So scarce is the happiness you offer
Pretend not anymore, that to thee I am love
My ever dearest’s tears shall fill the coffer
Walk alone for a grain of salt is all I have


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Monday, 17 November 2014

Abused Silk

How could you be so cruel, we never did you any harm? All that we ever wanted is for you to look good, to be presentable and to be enchanting on women's eyes. We make you feel comfortable day in and day out. We make you look fresh and neat, we never let you down even for a moment.

At the end of the day, this is all we got from you, like rags thrown in a corner. What crime did we ever commit against your will? What have we done to deserve this cold treatment?

Why can't we be laundered tonight?!?

~MY LAUNDRY, talking to me, sorry I forgot to buy detergent.


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Sunday, 16 November 2014

My Afternoon and Coffee Spoon

This is the title of the song that is blasting out of my player now; the band’s name is Crash Test Dummies. Those who spent their ravishing youth in the past one and a half decade or so ago have heard about them. This is one fine lazy afternoon; I brought my coffee down here in our place’s center garden. This is where I am writing now, I enjoy the cool breeze of the wind, the playful screaming and shouting of kids in the pool, the birds flying through the branches of the trees and on the grassy ground and there! I just saw our resident chipmunk, which I often see running down from the tree.

Such a wonderful site to behold, the feeling of calmness that is what these flower shrubs and tall trees offer me. Away from technology for a moment, this is a very welcome change, a very soothing moment of change like the sweet smell of chamomile.


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Saturday, 15 November 2014

A Twist of Fate

Up in the mountain is a mighty castle
Where a king rules while his court’s in tussle
His queen and daughters love to dance
All through the night they tiptoe and prance

The other kingdoms pay respect to this king
They give him gold, silk, jewels all treasures they bring
But the only thing this lonely king wants
A cherry blossom tree and not the snowy plants

Sometimes no matter how much we have in life, we just can’t have everything, something is always missing, something that can really complete our lives. For most of us, getting that precious dream remains a dream.


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Friday, 14 November 2014

Teach Me to Poem!

I want to write poems,
And put them into songs.
Will you teach me how?
I can learn grammar now.

It is hard to make one,
My inspiration is close to none.
Aureate, deep or simple words,
Can you put the right chords?

It is difficult to write poems,
Rhymes need connections.
Why are you so good at this?
I tried to write, what did I miss?

I sit by the muddy bank,
Left alone by the boat that sank.
Teach me to write poems,
Before they blow their horns!

Just tried to make fun of words, I’m thinking of writing a poem, but I cannot think of any topic now, so here’s what I was able to come up with, that includes how the title ended up like that. Hope you like it. :)


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Bright Lights Fade Fast

Will you sit with me tonight and dine?
Let’s start some cheap talk over wine
I will appreciate your company tonight
I’m not lonely, just tired of this sight
How did you get the best kind of love?
Isn’t it something that comes from above?
Look out there you see the busy crowd
Here and there they shout so loud
Let’s take a walk into the park
I’ll bring a bottle of wine to make a spark
It’s nice to lie down on the grass
As we look up and count the stars
Is there a way to hide your lying eyes?
While all your truths are starting to rise
This moment will not last very long
Let’s cheers to that and sing a song
Have you ever thought that you can be crazy?
My love choose your next word carefully


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Thursday, 13 November 2014

A Blabbering Poet

I resigned; I want to take a break
Freedom from stress, what will it take?
Don’t push your luck on me
I can destroy you that easy

Blinded by the callous on his hands
Blood, sweat, life; given but not their lands

So rich, so powerful, what can we do?
The weak are under your feet, why is that so?
Shall I bow and be amongst your slave?
I’d rather cut my tongue than be downed with shame

The weary and the defeated, should they hide?
The deft, the dead, all thrown, can they glide?

I am blabbering nonsense, can you tell?
My life is being sang by the toiling bell
Now everything is fast leaving
I can offer nothing but a broken feeling


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Little Voices Come Roar With Me!!

I am a tiny speck in my universe, but I want to be an instrument of change. I never lose hope in humanity.

Humans are full of destructive thoughts and ideas; we are capable of destroying and recklessly consuming the resources given to us. We are abusing everything given to us freely; we don’t care at all as long as we are satisfied. We are a selfish parasitic form of specie.

But then again we are also capable of compassion, of love and preservation of life. We might be doing well but slower than our destructive ways, but at least we are showing resilience to our own extinction. I might be a tiny speck in my universe and my action and thoughts are close to nothing compared to the magnitude of depletion our natural resources and our moral ascendancy to live, that we ourselves are the cause.

But if all of us, all the tiny specks like me will start acting together to make a bigger good impact, if all our little voices will be combined to produce a roar of peace and harmony, then our utopia can be a reality.

I am just a tiny speck with a small voice.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Dogs and Cats

Arf! Arf! Arf! The dog said to the cat
The cat sneered back on the treetop she sat

Come down here, you lazy fur ball!
Hahaha! Just wait a bit for I might fall.

Oh! But I am scared by your fangs and claws
Why not retract them and shake my paws?

My rat friend here is laughing at you
She said you’re silly and I think it’s true!

Wait you two I’m gonna climb up there now
I’ll find a way to catch you somehow

I will show you both how silly I am
You’ll never be able to go back to the farm

Come back here now you silly dog!
The farmer called him from a nearby bog

The dog runs back to the farmer side
And can only stare as the cat came in stride


*This is my original composition, words and all
© Copyright 2014

Monday, 10 November 2014

Life and Time

The light will shine upon the beauty
skin that will wither so ugly

talons shall pluck your eyes
grip on the faith that never dies

For I will be the life bearer
surf through the stars a wanderer

devoid of the pain and sorrow
hide in shame in dark burrow

My sight will forever be gone
time shall race against the setting sun

and in the twilight of human spirit
listen to the echo in the gathering mist

*This is my original composition, words and all
© Copyright 2014

A Day On the Flip Side

I woke up feeling dizzy; I walked towards the window in my room and opened it wide. "Oh hello there sleepy head," I was startled by the greeting and my mind is still fuzzy, so my reaction was a bit of a shock. I am in the third floor of our house and the voice sounded like it was just 4 feet away from me.

"Who's there?" I asked, "me, a bird and I talk," came an answer, only then that I realized that yes there was a blue bird on the branch of my tree looking at me. "Never seen a talking bird before, dear? I'm sorry, where are my manners, my name Albert and I came from the beautiful land of bright, blue, cottony fields of Narod. Our great king asked me to bring you there today."

"What are you saying, why can you talk and what land, what king, am I dreaming?" I slapped my face, I felt the pain so yes I am not dreaming...


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*This is my original composition, words and all
© Copyright - 2014

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Enchanted Lover's Tale

The river flows silently and gives a deep sigh. “Oh my love, please shine down from thy starry night. I long for your sight upon the wide darkness, quench my solitude and deep loneliness. My dearest why thee hide its beauty? Come forth and embrace me with your beam to keep my sanity”.

On her majestic heaven, the moon cries in pain. Her desire to see her lover tonight is in vain. The thick dark clouds bring thunders; an ominous storm hinders the lovers. “I only shine for you my dear river of might, but the gathering storm traps my light. I long to touch your soothing water, I pray that the scourge of the sky don’t last forever”.


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Heaven: Undersiege

The battle between good and evil rages on, there's no sign of giving up on either side. The angels have lost thousands of their kind but their will to defend heavens is unwavering and their zeal are oozing from their spirits carried out by their swords and spears.

Equally undaunted is the dark force from hell, the malice that egg them forward is just too much that it consumes all living things from their paths, they outnumber the angels and they can taste victory from the blood that now stain their black tunics and armours. Their swords are screaming in anger and bitterness for their foes.

Facing the minions of darkness, the angels stood their grounds, their wings might be broken but they will give all their strengths to push back the onslaught of death, they will fight to the very end and so, with one last stand they regroup.

The remaining soldiers of heaven, not waiting for miracle, held their swords high and cast a blinding light, so bright that the creatures of darkness were stopped from advancing, they cannot stand the pain brought by the light and they started to fall…

The angels seized the moment, the final battle for heaven is about to end…


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Am I Alone?

Call my name...
When you’re in trouble and don’t know where to go,
When you’re on your edge and ready to drop below,
I will come and lead you to the right path,
Don’t be ashamed I will be your enemies’ wrath.

Listen to my voice...
When there’s nothing but emptiness and fear,
When cries of the damned are all you can hear,
My gentle whisper in your ears, I do care,
Soon songs of the faithful shall fill the air.

Take my hand...
When you’re lost in the wilderness
When the rough earth is your only caress
Feel my touch and I will soothe your tired spirit
In my heaven clouds will be under your feet

My angels will praise your salvation,
The peace I bear shall be given to all creation,
For I am thee the holds the key to all that were, are and will be,

Hail! Hail! Use thy wings and fly to thy tree. 

*words and all are my original

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Innocence of the World

Run as fast as you can, don’t stop
Balloons rise to heaven then pop
Happy children with cotton candies
Young hearts in love with pretty ladies

Strum my guitar play me a song
Echoes at dawn like a mighty gong
Grasses bathe in the morning dew
Lazy heads still asleep except for a few

Come out on the street and play a top
Innocents laugh as they go out in hop
No matter what they do kids don’t break
Garden parties oh! Give me a steak

I’ve got nothing to say for all I have is fun
Jump, swim, prance, sleep, smile and run
Why can’t we just stay as what we were?

Blind from the rotting world we have here

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*this is one of my original compositions

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

All Hallows Eve

So the night has fallen once more blanketing the East with immeasurable darkness beyond the horizon, my vision has been reduced within the radius of the flickering torch that I am holding. Soon the howling will scorch the lands and all windows and doors will be shut, no one will dare set foot outside of their dwellings.

The creatures that lord over the land in the absence of the sun, slowly creep out of the caves and from beneath the ground. Their bloodshot eyes and yellow fangs suggest nothing but death, it is the hunting season and they are coming out for the kill. Humans are aware of their hellish existence but they know nothing, natural or magical that could stop them.

They know that all they have to do is to stay within their homes shut their windows and door, put out all their lights and light a single candle, just a single candle. This mysterious way somehow tells the night creatures to avoid them.

Suddenly the silence of the night was ripped by an earsplitting scream. The feast has started...


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*this is an original composition of mine

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Always Be Thankful for the Love We Get

The 10 flight of stairs is a daily challenge and my spirit is about to break and give up. It has been a year now since my accident; the car that I was driving along the express way was hit by a rampaging trailer from the other side. The driver must have fallen asleep and lost control of the wheel with his foot pressed on the gas.

The driver and his crew all died on the spot that night, their truck was blown into pieces and me, I was lucky to be still alive, or am I? it was a nightmare that keeps on haunting me and it left a really bad memory and remembrance, I lost both my legs and my left arm has been immobilized, it is a literally dead weight that I carry around the house now.

There was not a day in my life that I wished I’m dead for I am so useless now, I am nothing but a burden to my family, but this tragic accident has opened my eyes into something else, something so important that I have never noticed before. My family loves me so much, no matter how hard it is for them to take care of a disabled member, there was not a single moment in my life that I saw them neither weep nor felt sorry for me. In fact, with their enthusiasm and energy, they continue to encourage me to live and be happy, they don’t want me to feel sorry for myself for losing my limbs.

“Never ever give up on yourself, Daddy, we will be your arms and feet so you can hold and walk with us.”


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*words and all are my original

Burning Bones and Dried Souls

The fire seems to be endless; it has be more than a week now that it continues to ravage the lands, leaving wretched scenes along its path. Hell has been let loose, the gods have casted upon this dominion their wrath and not a single creature is spared.

After what feels to be forever, the sea of fire started to die down, all that was green and good is nothing but a barren wasteland, it is a dead man’s paradise and the crack dry lands gives no sign of any source of water, this world was doomed and I am the only one left to witness the result of man’s insanity. Nothing was left, not even trash, the air smells like burned things from trees to animal and human bones. Black is the only colour left and even my tears are scared to fall for if they do, they might not even reach the end of my chin.

I started to walk without any idea where I should go, death is all I can see from where I am standing all the way to the horizon…


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Monday, 3 November 2014

If I Am to Choose

I wasn't planning of posting anything tonight, I am just catching up on all your posts and commenting on others but I remember something that I kept on mentioning to one of our good friend here.

It is about the life in the 70's-80's. You see I was a teenager of the 90's, that is not a bad decade, in fact, with the Eraserheads raising the bars for Filipino Music, that decade really rocks! (or should I say 'rocked!'). I will never exchange that for anything but if given the chance, I would have preferred being a teenager of 70's or 80's. Those decades are sooo cool! The hairstyles; the fashion, man! I really do think that no one can beat them when it comes to dress and looks.

So if I was teenager of those decades, I will at current age in the 90's. Just imagine that, enjoying 3 GREAT DECADES, things are all done manually and nothing beats that!

Courting is done by singing songs, literally singing songs accompanied by guitars and your gang, giving flowers and Hallmark cards are the sweetest thing that can really sweep women off their feet, and dates? Dates are always by the seaside or in the green fields or by the river not in the malls. :)

Alas! I envy those who enjoyed the past 3 decades, they really have enjoyed their youth to the max! :)

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*words and all are my original

Sunday, 2 November 2014

He Likes Her But Cannot Say It

The afternoon in the police station is kind of dull today, it seldom happens that his desk phone is silent and today is one of those unusual days. “Crime must be having a day off too, that's good,” Earl murmurs to himself as he browses the internet and giving the phone a glance for the nth time.

“Hey Earl, the suspect for the murder in the 65th St. last night has been brought in for interrogation, do you wanna come with me to check on him?” his partner, Alicia Martinez, shouted from across the room. He looked at her, smiled and said, “Sure, why not?” They have been partners for 3 years now and all this time, he secretly likes her but don’t have the courage to tell her.

The slender female police officer turned around headed for the interrogation room without waiting for him. He caught up with her in the hallway and they walked silently. “By the way, what are you doing later, it’s almost 5:00 PM, I was thinking of grabbing a burger for dinner, why don't you join me.” Earl asked and offered in his casual tone.

“A burger for dinner haha, oh Earl, when will you ever asked me to join you for a ’real‘ dinner?” Alicia replied as she laugh loudly, Earl’s heart started to beat fast and he caught Alicia looking at him and so is he, he cannot take his eyes out of her.

Then they both laugh, “Sure, burger will be great haha!” Alicia said, and they both started laughing…


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Saturday, 1 November 2014

Moving Forward

I never dreamed of my life to be this way
Now I do recall those times during the hay day

I am neither sad nor lost for what I am now
Lucky that I am not just a grazing cow
I had no doubts all throughout my life
I literally crawled out of my own strife

I never questioned why this and that
For I am human neither a dog nor a cat
I am supposed to know what is right or wrong
If I am late what took me so long
This is life and I don't play no blame game

I don't point fingers to make you feel shame
I would rather ask myself what can be done

For those faults were done and gone
So I move forward and lead right
For now we know that path to the light


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014

Friday, 31 October 2014

Dead Man Dreams No More

I don’t know if someone already said this or perhaps it was phrased differently by someone else. I just came up with this term while reading some posts and I want to give my own take on this into my life.

I am constantly in pursuit of better, if not greater things in my life, just like anyone else, I do have dreams I want to achieve. I am not going to stop nor give up. I still believe that I am going to be able to have those that I have set to fulfill in this life. Is it my destiny if I get them or if a fail in my attempts? I don’t think so, no, my destiny is based on how I am charting this course of my life.

I am my own ships’ captain and I am my own crew.

If I stop pursuing my dreams and not be able to turn them into my reality, then I can say I failed, it’s not fate, it’s a personal mistake. I am not giving up now; every new day is a day close to the fulfillment of my dreams. It is not long now that I will wake up with all I desire happening right before my very eyes.

I won’t stop until I can taste my own victory; while I am breathing I have a chance. Dead man dreams no more.

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*words and all are my original

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Tiny Lights Before the Fall

The fireflies started to come alive, they began to fly around the cypress tree. The tiny burst of lights coming out of their bellies give the impression of a falling star or a comet that cross the dark sky.

They are so lovely to look at, the mild amber that they carry as the fly made the leaves of the lonely tree dance in joy. Soon all the leaves will turn brown and will fall to the ground, but not tonight.

Tonight they will savor the wonderful moment illuminated by their tiny friends. The cypress cannot ask for more, though alone in the wilderness and about to shed her beautiful leaves, she was visited by these jovial fireflies and this gesture made her feel so special.

She is now ready for autumn...

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*words and all are my original


Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Stop the Urge of Selfishness

Will you be glad if someone is hurting?
Be happy to see them in the dark hiding?
Are you a fool to point finger at me?
You’re a sad soul, when will you be happy?

Nobody could hold a candle to you
Your smile is wicked and that is true
Watch the pendulum it never stops
You will be left with all the slops

Will it matter to you if I am jolly?
Stop pretending, you’re too sloppy
Eyes will never roll as you pass by
For your aura is nothing but sly

This world is not yours alone
Don’t be silly you need to atone
Live in love and be satisfied

In our hearts you will not be denied

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*words and all are my original composition

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Make That Free Space Count

When you think that there's nothing in your mind to write about, no complete thought that's gonna make sense as an article, you decide not to write at all. I said no, don't stop writing, in fact, the moment you think that you have nothing concrete to write and share with, is the best time for you to write or scribble anything.


For me, the very moment that I feel my mind to be empty of any thought is the best way to fill that mental space with anything that I can think of on a whim. More space to write nonsense, more space to get crazy with words and before you know it, you have constructed a whimsical but complete and meaningful thought.

The next part is to share it with us. :)

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*words and all are my original composition

A Burning Desire for Words

The writer in me says grab your pen
Don’t you miss getting out of your den?
You’re good at it; just pour your heart out
Hear your thought and never pout

Run the wilderness of your savage mind
Scribble down thrillers you can find
Jump off the cliff and feel the air
Land on your feet and join the fair

You are unstoppable you are limitless
Rhyme your feelings in happiness
Wheels will turn and sails shall unfurl
Wake up, off from your bed and uncurl

Let everyone know your inner beauty
Express yourself, write in subtlety
For this is your world where you can be
Heal this world; words are the remedy

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* words and all are my original composition

Monday, 27 October 2014

Rubble Bubble

A bubble formed and floated upward
Reminds me of a life neither painful nor hard
For though it was a product of a whim
It seems to know direction from within

The journey will continue up to the heavens
It doesn't mind the threat of the ravens
For as if it knows it will reach the clouds
Where every bubble rests and abounds

I am left below staring at the bubble
Jealous of its plight for I am a rubble
No matter how I try I will never float
Stuck in the ground here in the earth’s throat

Such an opposite fate we will ever be
Must we accept this with joy and glee?

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*original composition of mine

Sunday, 26 October 2014

In the absence of thought, I write

We often hear ourselves saying that we cannot think of any idea to write about, or we are just not inspired to write at all, or we are tired to come up with anything for an article. These situations really happen, we get to be in any of those or in all of them at the same time. It sounds contrasting but yes, how about we try. In the absence of thought, let’s write. :)

Write about what? Write about that exact situation, the absence of thought. Search the most secluded and darkest regions in our minds. We can write with all the things that are only in the surface of our thought and we can easily express those in words once we put our emotion to them, but what about those uncharted territories within us? They might be us, they might be our thoughts but have we ever tried making even just a single step to discover what’s behind the veil? Is it because we are afraid of what monster we are keeping in there that we ourselves don’t want to be awaken?

Let us bring our torch deep within our consciousness, there is a vast desert of wisdom within us. Let us face it, let us venture to the deepest trenches in our minds. Bring those dark hideous thoughts out into the light! Who knows, they might not be as dark as how we have kept them.


∗This is my original composition
© Copyright 2014